Freeman Stage

The new 4,000 seat amphitheater is designed to be the center for cultural life for southern Delaware summers. A wide diversity of performers and events will be held at the new pavilion. The site is adjacent to wetlands along the Delaware coast and provides spectacular views of the adjacent Bayside Gold Club. The design of the facility is designed to complement the coastal character of the adjacent neighborhoods and region.

Manhattan School of Music, Neidorff-Karpati Hall

Manhattan School of Music is recognized as a premier international conservatory that has trained some of the world’s most celebrated performing artists and has upheld a tradition of excellence in music education for nearly a century. Addressing a series of limitations in the 1931 Auditorium, a new modifiable, one-piece orchestra shell will transform the stage’s acoustical environment to accommodate a full range of musical genres.

Pablo Center at the Confluence

Black-green, split-face, Hornblende (granite-like stone) gives distinctive character to the exterior of the new Art Center, a soon to be landmark in the revitalization of downtown Eau Claire. Large window openings serve a dual purpose: revealing to passersby the activities within, and offering patrons and artists stunning views out to the Chippewa and Eau Clair Rivers. Two performance halls, gallery space, and four multi-purpose rooms will mark the building as an active center for entertainment and cultural enrichment.

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Hamel Music Center

A key focus of the design of the new School of Music are spaces that welcomes artistic expression. The state-of-the-art concert and recital halls are designed for symphonies and chamber orchestras, solos, quartets, and choral concerts. Rehearsal spaces and band rooms offer students space to hone their craft. Music practice rooms are acoustically isolated from each other so that no intrusive sounds interfere with the student’s practice. The new facility will serve as a catalyst for fresh artistic and academic inspiration, while also playing a signature part of the University East Campus Gateway.

McAllen Performing Arts Center

The McAllen Performing Arts Center serves as an artistic hub of this rapidly growing metropolitan community. The 1800-seat multi-purpose performance hall features design elements inspired by the rich heritage of the lower Rio Grande Valley. The colors of McAllen’s bougainvillea are found in richly-hued seating and curtain materials while native Texas mesquite and pecan trees are celebrated in detailed mill work. Adjustable acoustics can easily accommodate the variety of local cultural groups, touring music, Broadway performance, and cross-border road shows presented.

West Virginia University, Creative Arts Center

The Creative Arts Center houses the School of Music, the School of Art & Design, and the School of Theatre & Dance. Limitations of the original 1970s building place constraints on program growth. The new addition provides studios for photography, electronic media, sculpture and painting, a lecture hall for art history, proscenium theater and recital hall. The addition also allows all programs within the three schools to be under one roof, promoting interdisciplinary communication and overcoming daily logistical and pedagogical challenges—a series of stacked, interlocking forums on each floor act as gathering spaces, allowing students and faculty to interact on a regular basis.

Fox Berkshire

At Fox Berkshire, moviegoers are meant to have a social and comfortable experience. The lobby, a space defined by an upturned roof structure and transparent walls, features open areas and plush seating that encourage relaxation and interaction. Custom developed carpet, large-format posters, and bold signage infuse the space with dynamic energy. The theaters themselves feature large recliners so that patrons can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

University of North Texas, Lucille “Lupe” Murchison Performing Arts Center

The Murchison Performing Arts Center functions as both a performance and teaching venue which is tailored to meet the needs of the music program at the University of North Texas.  Earning immediate critical and public acclaim, the center has joined the ranks of the finest performing arts complexes in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Western Connecticut State University, Visual and Performing Arts Center

This project, located on the University’s second campus, organizes and provides clarity to the various grouping of residence halls, sports facilities, and parking areas on a sylvan hilltop. The strong geometric arrangement of building shapes and landscape patterns highlights the entries into the facility and establishes a common central green space for the campus. The arts center is both a bustling academic environment as well as the most visited public place on the campus. As such, the new building provides a strong foundation for future campus development and invites the public to experience the arts.

New Mexico State University, Associated Students of NMSU Center for the Arts

Located at a prominent entry point to a previously introverted campus, the Center serves as a gateway for the community. Drawing from the geographical context, the building is inspired by Southwestern colors, materials, and topography. An ‘arroyo,’ a land formation typical of New Mexico, became inspiration for the multi-story lobby, which resembles a pathway carved by running water in a flat desert environment. Travertine walls, large skylights, site specific murals, and a series of terraces oriented for views of the iconic Organ Mountain range all serve to connect the building to its surrounding landscape.

The Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center

Located in a historic downtown neighborhood, the Performing Arts Center is the cultural anchor of a redevelopment district.  The 1,800 seat multi-purpose proscenium theater has a movable acoustical ceiling and wall panels within the stage house to accommodate a wide variety of performances from large-scale traveling productions to symphonic orchestra performances.  The striking glass lobby is a story of local pride. The Tulip Poplar, Kentucky’s state tree, is featured in the custom-fabric wall covering and one-of-a-kind chandelier, while the Goldenrod-patterned carpet pays tribute to the state flower.

Francis Marion University Performing Arts Center

Resulting from a partnership between a range of public and private entities, the Performing Arts Center at Francis Marion University forms a new regional artistic hub, attracting audiences from the area and offering educational programs for students at the university.Hosting multiple academic, professional, local, and touring performing arts groups, the main 900-seat multi-purpose hall accommodates a range of performance genres. A patented moveable, one-piece orchestra shell transforms the auditorium from a music environment to a full stage house for theatrical presentations, ensuring optimal acoustics in either setting. Located near the recently completed main library, little theater and future museum, the Center forms an anchor for a growing downtown Florence cultural district.

Kent State University, Roe Green Center

The Roe Green Center provides unified, expanded and improved facilities for the School of Theatre and Dance.  With vigorously shaped additions that include a 200-seat black-box theater, three dance studios, and a new lobby, a formerly unremarkable building is metamorphosed into a beacon for the arts.  The banding of multi-colored materials, and use of variously sized masonry blocks with differing finishes, lend the building a sense of rhythm that captures attention when approached from the main campus drive. The Center’s richly textured cantilevered surfaces dapple sunlight in the day, and glow when illuminated at night.

Hylton Performing Arts Center at George Mason University

Three distinct public institutions, (George Mason University, City of Manassas, and Prince William County) armed with a far-reaching vision and persistence, have brought about a singular performing arts facility, the Hylton Performing Arts Center that meets the needs of a multitude of civic and academic constituents.

Shepherd University Center for Contemporary Arts

Eager to cultivate opportunities for cross-disciplinary interactions, various artistic programs at the Shepherd University, in conjunction with a summer theater festival, sought a building that fostered an atmosphere of shared learning and experimentation. Flexible and easily adaptable, the Center for Contemporary Art breaks down learning barriers and enhances the dynamism of collaborative efforts between performers, playwrights, visual artists, and production designers.

Globe News Center for the Performing Arts

Phenomenal grassroots support formed the driving force for the creation of the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts. Embodying the community’s cultural aspirations, the Center located in the heart of downtown, serves the entire Panhandle region. At the heart of the Center is a 1,300-seat multi-purpose hall that will be used by the local orchestra, ballet, opera, and other regional arts organizations.

Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, Performing Arts Center

A nexus for cultural activity and creative expression, dramatic forms, coupled with a vivid palette of materials, highlight the facility’s role in cultivating an atmosphere of artistic exuberance. The crystal clear acoustics of the warm, inviting interiors position the center as the most sought-after performance venue in the region. Alternately intimate and grand, the 1,500-seat hall allows for diverse seating options to accommodate teaching needs as well as performances by professional musical groups.

ImaginOn: The Joe & Joan Martin Center

Serving the youth of Charlotte, the Center, combining library and theater functions, is dedicated to creating an environment where visitors experience the written, spoken and electronic word in an integrated environment. The nurturing of young people at every stage of their development to allow them to discover their individual potential and to challenge their intellect is at the heart of ImaginOn. The Center is a story all its own, captivating the minds and imagination of young people and families.