Globe News Center for the Performing Arts

Phenomenal grassroots support formed the driving force for the creation of the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts. Embodying the community’s cultural aspirations, the Center located in the heart of downtown, serves the entire Panhandle region.A tribute to the sense of civic pride in Amarillo, the project was privately funded, an unusual feat for any community. At the heart of the Center is a 1,300-seat multi-purpose hall that will be used by the local orchestra, ballet, opera, and other regional arts organizations. The adaptability is possible through an innovative movable acoustic bandshell of oriented strand board panels that exactly match the interior of the hall. Custom-made elements, such as the seat coverings and terrazzo floors, which recall the quilt patterns of the irregular farmland when viewed from the air, and a ceiling of familiar panels typically used on cattle trailers, are part of a highly personal design vocabulary that captures the local flavor. The overall vitality of the building creates a special place unlike anything else in Amarillo or Texas yet totally at home in the panhandle.

Location: Amarillo, Texas