Rhode Island College, James P. Adams Library

The James P. Adams Library is the largest building on the Rhode Island College campus, the renovations to the library transform the space into a true academic hub for the 21st century student. The design philosophy was centered around the college motto: Reach. Inspire. Connect. A visual representation of this mantra is a ripple-like spiral pattern; symbolic of drawing students inward to engage in collaborative exploration. The space facilitates this with a variety of furniture types and layouts that accommodate different tasks. The grand gesture of the room is the floor-to-ceiling screen walls. Additionally, the screens add vertically, exaggerating the height of the library. Despite being on the basement level, the room has a vibrancy and life to it. Also located on the same floor is the Student Services Center. Bringing together multiple programmatic spaces that were previously spread across campus, the Center focuses on providing counseling, tutoring, and career help. Carpeting is used as a way-finding tool. Grey flooring serves as a palate cleanser, but transitions to gold as a way to lead students to the tutoring area. The gold opens up the room and is appropriately placed to celebrate the only area on the level that is bathed in natural sunlight.

Location: Providence, Rhode Island